How to end up owning an antique shop (and other adventures)

 In July 2014 two strangers in a pub got talking, with the assistance of their friend Jack Daniels, about how under appreciated Northampton was in terms of architecture. He was in the middle of a history degree, she grew up in a house full of antiques and mechanical geekery.
 Their shared love of old stuff, history, art deco, art nouveau and great design became apparent that night so they agreed to meet up the following morning to visit the Charles Rennie Mackintosh house in Derngate.
Fast forward a few months and he found himself standing in the middle of her double garage asking “what are you planning on doing with all this stuff?!” The stuff in question was salvaged after her father had died, cameras, valve radios, telephones, record players, cine cameras…. After a pretty disastrous foray on eBay, she’d given up trying to find it new homes and there it sat.
With his encouragement she approached an antique outlet in Northampton and they rented a unit. The seed of their antiques adventure was sown. They opened the little unit on Valentines Day 2015 and didn’t look back.
The journey took them to trade at The Old Bakehouse and the now defunct Edora. When the owner of Edora announced he was closing, they took over the lease of the shop in Wootton and Click Antiques & Vintage started trading in February 2018.
Early in 2020, after multiple problems at Wootton, they started looking for new premises. They found a warehouse in Kingsley that had stood empty for years. Understandably no-one wanted to rent a spider infested shell with no loo, no kitchen, no drainage and no running water. But, having viewed other premises, they kept coming back to Kingsley – nothing was insurmountable, right?
The refit started in March 2020, followed shortly after a national lockdown thanks to Covid 19. Trying to move the entire contents of Wootton and juggle plumbers, builders, electricians and carpenters whilst socially distancing wasn’t part of the plan but they worked every day for three months until their dream was realised.
A lot of lessons were learned over those five years about what works and what doesn’t. They put all that knowledge into the building works. They’re still learning but are very proud to be the only antique and vintage shop in Northampton that is 100 percent disability friendly, has it’s own car park and a custom designed interior for easy access.
That couple are Claire and Nick, who look forward to welcoming you to the realisation of their dream.